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[HELP] setElementData


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Hi guys,

I'm trying to figure out the setElementData, i've read the wiki and now's my question.

I want to assign some ElementData called ID to a vehicle (which would be possible for me)

But! I want to do it like on the second car it needs to get the next ID + 1.

Vehicle Banshee bought! ID = 1 
Next Vehicle! ID = 2 

I hope you'll understand what I'm trying to say.

Regards Viruz

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I've made this already, could I use this to implement it into an XML, and I will take a look at the XML Functions.

function saveYourCar (thePlayer) 
    local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle (thePlayer) 
    if (vehicle == false) then 
        outputChatBox("Your not in a vehicle") 
        local idData = getElementData(vehicle, "ID") 
        local ownerData = getElementData(vehicle, "Owner") 
        if (thePlayer == ownerData) then 
            local vPX, vPY, vPZ = getElementPosition(vehicle) 
            setElementData(thePlayer, "vehPositionX", vPX) 
            setElementData(thePlayer, "vehPositionY", vPY) 
            setElementData(thePlayer, "vehPositionZ", vPZ) 
            outputChatBox("Position Saved!", thePlayer) 
            outputChatBox("This vehicle doesn't belong to you!", thePlayer) 
addCommandHandler("save", saveYourCar) 

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If you want to save vehicles for a player, you can use account data. Just put everything of the vehicle (position, id, etc) into a table and put the table into the player's account. Later you can call it and then you can use functions like setElementPosition and such. (Check or the player is logged in!)

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