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hey guys.

i created 2 markers

local trademarker2 = createMarker(-1576.8345947266,674.15686035156,6.1901206970215, "cylinder", 2,0,255,255,180) 
local trademarker1 = createMarker(-1633.9525146484,651.51391601563,6.1875, "cylinder", 2,0,255,255,180) 

then i added a command handler for each one .

command2 = addCommandHandler ( "accept1", player1 ) 
command1 = addCommandHandler ( "accept2", player2 ) 

the problem is i want the function player1 only works if the 2 command are used and the function player2 also.

more details:

player A and Player B each one enter marker i want to check when they 2 use the commands .then i will warp them or i do what i want .

thanks for help.

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