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Download progress freezes in one server.



Hello everyone, I've been trying to solve this problem in the server's website, I've received a lot of solutions, but nothing could fix this issue, that's why I hope to get some help in this forum:

I've been trying to connect to a well known server since last year, without success. I can download the "map progress" perfectly, but when I have to download the "server's progress" the download doesn't even start. It freezes at 0 b of 78.60 MB, I leave it for hours to see if it starts, but nothing happens.

Here's the problem, I can download other servers' progress without any inconvenience, servers I have never played, but there is a huge problem with this one.

Once, some months ago, the progress downloaded, but the download started after around 10 hours of waiting, literally. It was the only time I could connect there and play some hours.

In the server's website I received many suggestions, I attempted to follow them and connect, nothing changed, however, this is what I did:

* I allowed MTA Server (in the details it said something about being located in MTA 1.3 folder) and Proxy_sa through Firewall.

* I disabled Firewall and Antivirus, following advices.

* I deleted the content inside Resources folder located in MTA 1.4/ Mods/ Deathmatch.

* I uninstalled MTA 1.3 and re-installed MTA 1.4 from its website.

* I executed it as Administrator.

* I rebooted my Router.

* I checked if I had problems downloading the progress in servers I've never played before. No problems found.

* I executed MTA 1.4 launcher in compatibility mode with "Windows XP Service Pack 2".

* I deleted Proxy_sa located in the GTA:SA folder linked to MTA 1.4. (I have two GTA:SA folders)

* I deleted some content inside PRIV folder located in Deathmatch.

* I checked if my GTA: SA is using modified stuff. I deleted an ENB file located in the root folder.

* Just in case, I cut some content (resources and logs) from MTA 1.3 and MTA 1.4 and pasted it in a back-up folder somewhere else in my PC before uninstalling and re-installing.

Here is a picture of the screen I have for hours and hours without anything changing.


P.S.: The game doesn't freeze, the download freezes, and it doesn't even start.

P.S.2: Apologizes if it's not the correct format or the correct section to post this topic, I've no experience in this forum.

Thanks in advance.

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Indeed, it is CIT. I didn't know if it is allowed to post the name of a server in the topic. But yeah, it's CIT, in their website they suggested me a lot of things to do, I did all what I wrote above, and unluckily, nothing of that could fix this issue.

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