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[REL] WEB Browser (Text)


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Text WEB Browser for MTA:SA


Reading sites

Filtering content

Detecting and playing audio from URL


English and Russian languages

Openning by key "O"


You must have hosting with PHP, put there public_html (inside resource) and change path to your index.php file in meta.xml. If you want test this resource only you can put "http://esyeses.freshhosting.ru/index.php" inside meta.xml and it will work without your hosting. This resource requires admin rights or access to callRemote.


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Bonsai, yes, i know about awesomium, but it must be downloaded, this resource can work without troubles for client

It's not Awesomium anymore, it's CEF now. Also, you only needed a separate build until it was properly tested and merged with the core code. I heard MTA 1.4.1 might already come with CEF.

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