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Money Save XML


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Hi, i created this for saving players money in money.xml, and i get this error

Bad argument @'xmlNodeSetAttribute' string at [argument 3, got boolean]

my code

function saveMoney(thePlayer) 
    if fileExists("money.xml") then 
        local moneyFile = xmlCreateFile("money.xml", "money") 
        if not moneyFile then 
           outputChatBox(thePlayer, "Bani nu au putut fi incarcati!",255, 0, 0) 
        local count = 0 
        local players = getElementsByType ("player") 
        for i,v in ipairs(players) do 
        local money = xmlCreateChild (moneyFile, "money") 
        local pname = getPlayerUserName(v) 
        local psuma = getPlayerMoney(v) 
        xmlNodeSetAttribute(money, "usern", pname) 
        xmlNodeSetAttribute(money, "suma", psuma) 
        xmlSaveFile (moneyFile) 
        xmlUnloadFile (moneyFile)         
setTimer(saveMoney, 500, 0) 

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