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setPedAnimation not working properly

John Smith

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I have tried to edit freeroam's code, the setPedAnimation syntax and added few more arguments and put updatePosition argument to false, but anims still change coordinate positions

i am trying to disable movement when using anims

when an animation finishes in freeroam, new one starts because its looped and then it moves to player as more it loops

please help if you understand what i said

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Do you want apply one animation and the ped no move it?

but not want frozzen it....

bool setPedAnimation ( ped thePed [, string block=nil, string anim=nil, int time=-1, bool loop=true, bool updatePosition=true, bool interruptable=true, bool freezeLastFrame = true] ) 

NOTE: When using optional arguments, you must supply all arguments before the one you wish to use. For more information on optional arguments, see Optional Arguments.

block: the animation block's name.

anim: the name of the animation within the block.

time: how long the animation will run for in milliseconds.

loop: indicates whether or not the animation will loop.

updatePosition: will change the actual coordinates of the ped according to the animation. Use this for e.g. walking animations.

interruptable: if set to 'false' other tasks wont be able to interupt the animation. Setting this to 'false' also gives this function more power to override other animations that are running. For example, squatting after a jump can be terminated.

freezeLastFrame: ... (From 1.1 onwards).


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Well very simple:

local peds = getElementsByType("ped") 
local pedPositions = {} 
for i=1,#peds do 
    local ped = peds[i] 
    local x,y,z = getElementPosition(ped) 
    pedPositions[#pedPositions+1] = { 
function () 
    for i=#pedPositions,1,-1 do -- infers loop for using table.remove. 
        local pedData = pedPositions[i] 
        local ped = pedData["element"] 
        if isElement(ped) then 
                false -- don't interrupt the animation = false 

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