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Searching for a scripting teacher


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I have wish to learn scripting since 2012 but my english was too bad and I didn't understand :~ on wiki etc, I'm better in english now and I would be really happy if someone could teach me some things, basics how to start and later I can do it alone, Thanks!

what is your language?


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Actually his tutorial has less detail and that's what makes his tutorial best for newbies. I mean they can easily understand it. No offence. Wiki is wiki. Once they get hang of lua. Wiki is paradise for such people.

Yeah, basically wiki is for the kind of people like: "Umm so i draw a text with dxDrawText and stuff.. what what the syntax...? Or maybe a createText object.. lets check how thats it" xD

Anyways On-Topic:

Usually people miss it a bit, but you actually need to learn Lua first, then go over MTA's API (Wich is actually the wiki kinda, lel), else you might get confused on theorical stuff.

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As was stated, his tutorial is more tailored towards people that have no previous experience in coding at all. And want to start here, at MTA. MTA uses a very, very noob-friendly API.

So if you have basic knowledge of coding already, then no, I would not recommend it. I would recommend the Wiki instead. If you're looking to learn the very utmost basics, then yes, read it.

Newcomer or not, in the end you will have to learn to navigate the Wiki and understand the examples given to get anywhere here.

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His topic is not the best place to start if you already understand how to code (which is why I told him to move it to the wiki so that people can make it more organised) - the videos aren't very concise. I do "commend" him for his typed up tutorial though. The tutorial doesn't teach you how to bring it all together and definitely will not teach a complete newbie how to code - it is a very good resource for explaining the concepts, though. Anyway, let's keep off topic. I apologise for not explaining what I meant and for exaggerating my opinion.

Regardless, if you're completely new to programming and you want to make resources, you have to just suck it up and read http://www.lua.org/pil/contents.html from from front to back. And you have to learn how to use the wiki otherwise you're never going to get anywhere. I may be a bit biased towards the wiki but considering that you're calling it "sh*t" means that you're probably going to turn out to become an RP kid with a buggy entirely community-resourced filled server.

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