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Dodo Duel -rules and events-


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Dodo Duel (DD) is a game in which ppl stand on the hill behind salvatores house and try to shoot the dodo(s) and the dodo(s) try to dodokill the ppl on the hill (fly into them)

heres an awesome video by erorr404 showing what dodo duel is about:

the general rules:


-the green gunner position has been declared cause ppl tend to stand near obstacles such as the bush, wooden benches or the cliff, so if you want to shoot the dodo make sure you stay in the green area

-do not place any cars in the red and green marked area, if anyone should drive a car on the hill then shoot the car or jack him and remove it

-if you come with a car to the hill than park it in the yellow area, but plz destroy your cars regularly (the more unsynched cars blowing up at the same time = the more chance for a game crash)

-if a pilot should have an unexpected landing on the hill (gunner stoping a dodo, yes, it happens) than the pilot MUST use the same dodo to take off again.

as soon as the dodo landed on the hill the gunners MUST NOT shoot it, if someone does he should be killed by the other gunners

the cardinal rule is that nobody shoots anyone on the hill with some exeptions like:

-someone starts shooting other ppl on the hill (mostly ppl in the server that have nothing better to do, those ppl should be killed right away, best is you dont even aim at anyone so that no accidents happen, in mta you never know where the the bullets hit) ;)

just try to act as a team and dont kill everyone that accidently hits you with a bullet while the dodo swoops by, this happens sometimes

-someone drives a car on the hill (jack him/blow the car up and kill him)

-someone shoots a landed dodo


how many gunners and how many pilots are playing at the same time is undefined, this will be mostly set in the server

all weapons are allowed, you might also do turismo to get cash for an ak or flamer ;)


i would like to organize a dodo duel session on the next sunday 5.9.2004 9pm GTM +1 (you might switch the 5 and 9 if youre from the us),

nothing competive, just for fun and to let ppl get to know this game :)

go here for a time converter: http://www.timezoneconverter.com/cgi-bin/tzc.tzc

the server is not set yet, but i will post the adress till sunday

ppl who want to record some clips are also welcome, they can have a nice view from the top of the mansion

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yeah, the more people on the ground, the harder it is to shoot at the plane (avoid shooting others, remember the auto vertical aim) and you bump in to eachother making it harder to dodge. 2 planes is fun if the 2 pilots time it right so the 2 dont swoop in too close to eachother, but 3 would be hard and problems wouild arise.

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hey anyone up for a dd session sometime soon? in some days? ill check for a server...if possible with a working !money command....why was it removed anyways?

a dodo duel would be great, now that i've seen how fun it is.

hmm the !scores command has also been removed with the newer GRS versions, admins abusing that too? :P

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i suppose they were... i've never really seen it being abused.

Anyway it can be re-added quite simply by just making a new script with those extra commands you want and using the super duper personal scripts loader in the new version of the grs

/me waits for another dodo duel

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