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Clienttrigger & gui


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hi all. I have an problem. Im new in this lua framework, and i have issues with triggers.

i have no problems to send from client to server, but from server to client - its an a problem.

I have on server side check code. this code will send on client trigger.like so.


if (UserCreated == false) then 
// some code ... 
clientTriggerEvent("LoginType",resourceRoot, "register") 
elseif(UserCreated == true) then 
//some code ... 
clientTriggerEvent("LoginType",resourceRoot, "login") 


function guiA(Type) 
if (Type == "register") then 
//some code  
elseif (Type == "login") then 
//some code 
addEventHandler( "LoginType", localPlayer, guiA) 

So now. The problem is - if connect player to the server, on side server - all fine. But client can not show gui. i think its wrong with triggers. also In log files - no errors or warnigs.

Yes. I know. i can use ofc the register of MTA, but i want to understand my error and the mta mehanics, to the future scripting.

p.s. sorry for my bad english :D

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A quick look at the wiki could have fixed your problem.

    if (UserCreated == false) then 
    // some code ... 
    triggerClientEvent("LoginType",resourceRoot, "register") 
    elseif(UserCreated == true) then 
    //some code ... 
    triggerClientEvent("LoginType",resourceRoot, "login") 

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