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What does the MTA community want as a gamemode?


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Hello everybody,

So, I have been viewing the servers to play on board on the forums and something has occured to me that I hope this forum post will make a lot clearer.

What does the MTA community want?

I am wanting to start my own project and I don't know what people want to play.

I have seen alot of servers and server owners make some awesome gamemodes and they don't seem to get any players and I can't seem to understand this. From what I have seen in their server topics, people think its amazing and want to go play it right then and there. And yet these servers are deserted?

So, I'm here to help myself as well as others who may have some fantastic ideas that they would like to share and to also help others who want to make something and are to afraid that nobody will play it. Now lets no go jumping to conclusions. Just because one person says they want it and someone makes it, that doesn't guarantee players, but if people discussed it and more people liked it, then maybe someone will make it and it will be popular.

Lots of people say 'make something unique' or 'we have seen so many of these servers, why do people keep making them?'. But all this is easier said than done.

What do people want?

Do people want a different race gamemode?

Do people want a more in-depth roleplay gamemode like sims where they must eat, drink, sleep and work to sustain a satisfying living.

Do people want another gamemode like DayZ only more in-depth regarding crafting and base building?

Do people want a non-stop killing server where you just constantly kill people (sorta like freeroam only within arenas or something)

I dont know, wtf do you guys want lol?

So please, can someone post ideas here to help out others, but also themselves.

Do I have any ideas?

As a matter of fact I do.

One idea (which I would love to make and I am currently working on prototypes for this) is a gamemode like the game on Steam, Rust.

A game where you can build big-ass bases, craft items, raid other peoples bases, run around naked, cook food that you get off killing animals, chop down trees, get attacked and killed by wild wolves and bears.

This is what I want, but the reason why I haven't made a topic saying 'this is what I am making' is because of a couple of factors.

1) Time. I am currently in school and I am about to start exams, so I can't just go full on into making something like this.

2) Knowledge. I aint no wizard when it comes to scripting things like this. I will and would like help, especially when there are things I don't know how to make that I would LOVE to see in my gamemode.

3) This is the most important and the whole reason why I made this topic, but players. If I and maybe a couple of others devote our time into something like this and it turns out that nobody wants to play it, then what? We have just wasted all this time for nothing!

Anyother thing that also comes to mind it location.

Location, location, location!

A lot of the servers are based in Europe, mostly because the player base is from Europe, but are there any Aussie or Newzealanders out there that are really wanting a freeroam server in a location that doesnt have a 300 bloody ping?

Do they want a roleplay server somewhere close to them?

Do they want a CnR server close to them?

I have no idea, so if you are one of these people, please post here as well!

Is there anybody else who is in the same boat as people in Australia and New Zealand? I know I am, being from Australia.

I did setup an Australia freeroam server in Sydney and I did get quite a few players at some points, but they all had 200-300 pings, so they obviously weren't from around Australia. But that being said, I never did advertise, so maybe there are Australians out there and they just didn't know it existed.

So, in conclusion, if you have read all of this or even skimmed through it, I hope you have realised what I want by now!

Please, post your ideas, post what you would like to see, post here to ask for people to make a server close to you, no matter what it is.

If people want me to make a website that is devoted to ideas for gamemodes, then please let me know, or us know and someone is bound to make a website/forum where we can post all your stuff there (maybe even me).

Thankyou everybody.

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