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Texture loading issues


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So, today I wanted to replace entire map to add snow textures, but when I did so, the buildings become invisible.

The amount of textures I replaced: 1114.

I tried replacing 400 and the problem did not occur, so I take it that there is some sort of limit?

Video explaining the problem:

Is there anything that can be done? or is just impossible to replace this amount of textures?

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Blue isn't built for mass retexturing, just wait for Eir. Total conversions mods only work with Eir (I played Vice City in the air above San Andreas on Eir).

I don't understand why you'd want to retexture everything though... you can't expect more than 75% of your player base to play on your server (and download textures - even if it's got a download manager) with the amount of lag introduced by this.

My advice: just use the shader that vx89 kindly linked to you.

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