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[REL] Basic Zombie Apocalypse Gamemode [Final]


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Hi guys, today I'm here to present a new gamemode created by me from scratch. It's the Zombie Apocalypse Gamemode where we fight the zombies to live. We spawn at a hill with some guns, you can say a small village, where we can get our own car (Patriot), we're actually an army member in this gamemode.


• Custom Spawning (3 Places In The Village). Done

• Custom Spawn Skins. Done

• Patriot Vehicle Creator (Marker). Done

• Spawning Skin (287). Done

• Spawning Guns (Deagle, Shotgun & Ak-47). Done

• Custom Kill Messages (Very Simple). Done

• Slothman Zombies Script. Bugs Fixed (Done)


• Zombie Vaccination (Type of godmode so zombies can't kill you).

Gamemode Progress:


Spawning Location 1


Spawning Location 2


Spawning Location 3


Vehicle Creator (Patriot) Marker


Fighting With Zombies


Change Log:

• /rp (Repair) Command For Admins Added.

• Playerblips Included.

Download: http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... s&id=10392


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So many Zombie script's I have seen. Specially these kind of.

• Slothman Zombies Script. A Little Bit Buggy

Is it scratch?

Btw good luck doing it

Slothman Zombies Script is not from scratch. It's the ZDay zombie script from community. But its too much buggy and I am trying to fix it.

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So what's the point of it all? You spawn, you get weapons and a car. What are the objectives? Survival? Some more info on that would be welcome :P

The objective is just simple, you need to stay alive for as much time as you can and fight the zombies. This is just a basic zombie apocalypse gamemode. You've to add zombie missions or anything you want by your self. This is just a starting for people who want to make some zombie apocalypse gamemode.

Note: I do not have time to update this resource, if you can't see player blips, please add this in any resource meta.xml in the .zip.

<include resource="playerblips"/></include> 

If you wan't to decrease zombie level, please go to admin panel > resources > search "zombies" > click it > settings > max zombies > the number you want to set. (Suggested is 2)


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Zombie Apocalypse Gamemode has been uploaded to community! Download link added to topic. Now you don't need to start every resource, just type in console, /start apocalypse and all resources in the .zip will be started.


• Added /rp (Repair) Command For Admins.

• Playerblips Included.


• Zombie Vaccination (Type of godmode so zombies can't kill you).

Come and visit my server too!




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