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This is not really an island but i can change anything !

This base is only a $1 for first time you buy anything from me .

Just tell me if you want the base and i will get back to ya!

To look in person:

My server is CRG:RPG and the password is staff it is in North SF - i made this base in 15 min sorry its crappy :(

SCREENSHOTS: http://imgur.com/a/4QCLe


I can make any Custom orders for maps but if they are HUGE projects i might request some payment upfront!

You will see it in game on my server or pictures then you will pay !

Just comment below and i make it!

I will decide price on how big of a project it is


i can put in a few gate scripts or something simple

No safezones or anything you have to do that yourself!

I might charge extra for gates though

Thanks -James Hargus

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