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[REL/WIP] Chat system


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The ability to chat with other players has always been an important feature, however the built in chat has it's limits and it's time to do something about it, GTWchat are based on the system running on the server with the same name, after optimizing the resource I decided to make it available to other servers as well, unlike earlier resources I made this will make sure a feature is supported before enabling it, in this case the various chats available.


So what features does it have so far? let's have a look at the list:

  • Custom main and team chats, messages won't disappear if they are too long, instead they continue to show on a second output, by doing that, chat messages can be a little longer than default.
  • Anti spam protection, delay between each message
  • Anti repeat functionality, earlier messages are temporary stored in a table and cleaned up when the player leaves the server
  • Local chat, visible to anyone within the radar area (radius 180)
  • Group chat, (works if you have a group system running, it will also get the chat color from some group systems that support that kind of feature)
  • Car chat, talk privately to people in the same vehicle as you
  • Uppercase first letter, except url's.
  • Chat bubbles, based on this by Dragon
  • /me and /do for basic role play servers.
  • Multiple commands for each chat, some are bounded to keys by default.
  • All chats are visible to server staff
  • All chat's are logged to server log

Download link: (beta release)


Suggestions, bug reports and general feedback can be leaved here:


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i cant find where on your forum to write this about so i will write it down here sorry

umm so when i write on chat its double messaging(default and this one)

is that a bug or im missing something what i had to do?

its always saying im a guest even when i login logout multiple times(not sure if feature or bug)

also when u try to spam the script is trying to call gtwtopbar or something via exports but the resource isnt included so it points out the errors in debugscript

and as a suggestion, i would like to suggest to add some smileys but like images, it would be pretty cool

and i apologize if above things arent bugs but my mistakes, i havent really read through whole readme.md file on github

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Bugs can be reported here: https://forum.404rq.com/bug-reports/

And suggestions here: https://forum.404rq.com/mta-servers-development/

About the chat, it sounds like a bug but I've never seen that before, it may be a crash that still trigger on events bug fails to disable the standard chat, that's the only thing I could think of when you're talking about double messages, GTWtopbar is available on github as well: https://github.com/GTWCode/GTW-RPG/tree/master/GTWtopbar, either download that or replace all exported calls to that resource with the function 'outputChatBox', the syntax are identical to make it easier to use.

Guest thing seems to be located here (line 321, chat-s.lua):

local loc = getElementData(source,"City") 
if not loc then 
    loc = "Guest" 

As we can see it's still a little bit depending on other systems since the city are gathered from element data, I should optimize this by using getZoneName instead so thanks for reporting it, it was a bug after all ;)

Smileys seems like a logical step in this, that could be the next goal after resolving these bugs.

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Upgraded from 2.0 to 2.1, not many news in here thought but the security is a little bit better, code is more optimized to prevent lag on servers with many players online, and ability for staff to chat in any team chat has been added: use "/cteam " as staff to write a message to a specific team.

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