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[REL] Vehicle System / Commands


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MTA Vehicle System / Commands


This resource is basic but very useful. This resource can make your car engine turn off or on, you can turn your vehicle handbrake on / off, this resource also outputs one message to the player when he enters the vehicle. When the player enters the vehicle, the vehicle's engine automatically gets off.

Usage / Instructions (Cmds):

• /engineon - Turns player's vehicle engine on.

• /engineoff - Turns player's vehicle engine off.

• /handbrake - Turns player's vehicle handbrake on.

• /handbrakeoff - Turns player's vehicle handbrake off.


Upcoming (Cmds):

• Car Locks

• Some other things.


This script will be frequently updated with new commands. Stay updated with the thread.


http://community.mtasa.com/index.php?p= ... s&id=10361

Please post any bugs if you find any. Thanks.

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