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Help with ACLgroup

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My problem is i want it to an acl group not an team group but i dont find how.

function adminLogo() 
    local players = getPlayersInTeam(getTeamFromName("Moderator")) 
    for i,player in ipairs(players) do 
        if player ~= localPlayer then 
            local cX, cY, cZ = getCameraMatrix() 
            local hX, hY, hZ = getPedBonePosition(player, 
            hZ = hZ + 0.5 
            local pX,pY,pZ = getPedBonePosition(localPlayer, 
            pZ = pZ + 0.5 
            if getScreenFromWorldPosition(hX, hY, hZ) and isLineOfSightClear(cX,cY,cZ, pX,pY,pZ) then 
                local sX, sY, sD = getScreenFromWorldPosition(hX, hY, hZ) 
                local relative = (50 - sD) / 50 
                if relative > 0 then 
                    local iW = imgW * relative 
                    local iH = imgH * relative 
                    local iX = sX - (iW / 2) 
                    local iY = sY - (iH / 2) 
                    dxDrawImage(iX, iY, iW, iH, "admin.png") 
addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, adminLogo) 

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you can use this

function isPlayerInACL ( player, acl ) 
    local account = getPlayerAccount ( player ) 
    if ( isGuestAccount ( account ) ) then 
        return false 
        return isObjectInACLGroup ( "user."..getAccountName ( account ), aclGetGroup ( acl ) ) 

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