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Working custom railroad?


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That could be useful at a later point maybe, however building custom tracks is very hard if even possible, first you need to find a way to spawn a train vehicle as a "free" object that can exist at any location, (one of the solutions could be to attach it to another vehicle that aren't bound to railroads), when that works you need to build a system of nodes which force this vehicle object to follow it, current tracks are based on nodes as well but we can't access those. If you manage to make that work then you have a great start implementation of this idea. ;)

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Well, im definitely not going to do anything like that, but thanks for the info. The point of this topic was to find out if MTA supports custom tracks now or not, and if not, if there are any resources for it. In any case, if the answer is no, then Im finished here. Thank you both for contributing. I just hope MTA supports custom tracks in the future. That would be so awesome.

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