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So, what you suggest to do? I've a created a script like in-game computer system where is a website system, etc. The websites are based on GUI. There a GUI window which has a static size (no matter what's the size of clients display) and the content of the website is created with GUI static images, labels, etc… inside the GUI scroll pane, bet whenever the page reaches height 900 (because the height of my display is 900px) content after 900 is hidden. :/

What'd any of you suggest to use or is there a way, how to create a infinity scrolling inside the GUI.

It's now like a pain in the ass, when you've created the whole system and now making the websites you can't because there is a limit of height in GUI's. ;S

/via iPhone

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Scroll pane doesn't need to be as big as your screen resolution, just create it so that it fits your window and then start to add elements inside it, and it will automatically show up a scroll bar (vertical or horizontal, doesn't matter) if the the size of "contents" inside of scroll pane is out of its limits.

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