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[HELP] MTASE_0.3_Setup


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Hi there, i've just been introduced to MTA by a good friend of mine, and the whole concept of the client astonishes me, i can do so much with it, well, once i learn scripting that is, but anyways, back on topic.

I did a little reading around and found the unofficial MTA scripter programme, so, i downloaded it, and it's saying that i don't have MTA installed.

And i''ve been getting this message when i try to install it


But i have MTA installed, alongside the server files


Any help given is greatly appreciated.

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Use notepad ++ it's more easy and has good colors. Believe me that editor is optional. You can also add the extension made by JR10 to notepad ++ for mta functions.

EDIT: viewtopic.php?f=91&t=76726

Ohhh, right, i just presumed since SAMP has pawno, MTA would have somthing, and that was the first thing i came across, thanks for the advice Sam.

SAMP has Pawno becouse the scripts need to be compiled, in MTA there is no such thing.. you can even script with notepad :lol:

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