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New models for existing ones


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Hello. I have a suggestion, but I can't do it. I want to spawn by command like /rhino2 a rhino, but with other model. Yes I know ModLoader etc., bur I think about a Abrams on server and T-90 after writing this command. Maybe writing "engineLoadDff" for client side will do it, I don't know. But I want to have 2 WORKING tanks and I don't know how do it. Maybe I can change anyone car f.e. banshee for rhino? Can you help me?

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OK, I'm bad in english and you saw that :D OK, I have Modloader with Dff anf Txd with M1 Abrams and I want to have model T-90 together. You can do it by command like /rhino2 and then it will spawn "M1 Abrams" but with texture and model T-90, but on the server will be M1 Abrams by command /createvehicle Rhino (freeroam). You can do this by other way, but it's harder because you must change all variables any car like Banshee to Rhino, but it isn't only handling, so I thinks first solution will be alright.

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