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There are 3 bugs


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I found 3 bugs in mtasa client side.

The first one:

When I used the function "getKeyState", I found a problem.

I press either "left shift" or "right shift" and both getKeyState("lshift") and getKeyState("rshift") usually return true.



local lss = getKeyState("lshift")

local rss = getKeyState("rshift")

outputChatBox(""..tostring(lss).." "..tostring(rss).."")


The second one:

local x,y,z = getElementPosition(localPlayer)


createProjectile use a vehicle model will cause crash.

The third one:

Do this:

Press "num_dec" (getKeyState("num_dec") returns true)

Hold "num_dec" and press "lshift" or "rshift" (getKeyState("num_dec") returns true)

Release the "shift" you pressed,then release "num_dec".

And now getKeyState("num_dec") still return true,although you release "num_dec".

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