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Hello guys,

I’ve just managed to get my server up via a linux VPS, the server is up and everything is running smooth, however I cannot admin myself, I’ve edited the acl and input the command I have also noticed that when I edit the MTA config, I can edit it, save it, reboot the server yet nothing actually does as it’s told, and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Any solvent’s/ideas would be appreciated, I hope to get my server going ASAP.

Many thanks,


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Check you are editing the correct file:

1. Stop the server

2. Edit acl.xml and add some random characters to the start of the file

3. Start the server

Does the server start ok?

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If you come on IRC, I can help you faster. join #mta via mibbit or a real client like HexChat.

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Sure, look up [NAKD]Woovie on Steam. IRC is Internet Chat Relay. You have to use or something to connect. Feel free to add me on Steam though.

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