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From the point you don't even have the server itself it's not very easy, you'd then need an server, run Apache or something to use it as an fileserver on it, then set it up with the correct folder permissions to allow the client files being read from the filedir.

It's mostly used by advanced servers, and as it's not easy to update scripts without re-uploading to the fileserver for the clientscripts, most of the times an GIT/repository is used to directly commit changes to the http server and with that client downloads, if it's not really needed using an HTTP server isn't recommended. Also that's why there isn't yet an full guide for every step to take even with the fileserver itself.

And for the easy part, if you have the fileserver itself running and ready, you just need the files in the root dir, and your mtaserver.conf httpserver line (as shown before) to point there. The files needed are the http-client-files in the same layout as in that dir, but then in the fileserver's root dir

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