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Hi guys. Im work on the party system.

local test = { 
    test2 = { 
        ["userdata: 46f6s68"] = { 
            leader = "ZoRRoM^", 
            member = {} 
        ["userdata: 54fghd9"] = { 
            leader = "Narkoz", 
            member = {} 

Im try it for the get count table. But it's not work.

It's have 2 count. But #test.test2 say's 0.

How to fix it?

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local tableRange = 0 
for key,data in pairs(test.test2) do 
    tableRange =    tableRange+1 

Tables without using the array can't use #.

If this table had an array it would only have numbers as index.

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