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making new page on wiki

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i wanted to ask, how do you make a new page on wiki?

like i'd like to translate some of the mta built-in functions to my language, how could i make a page for that language?

im asking because of this:

Wiki - How can you help

Finish documentation for Incomplete functions.

Add examples to functions and events.

Review and verify pages that need checking.

Write tutorials to help new people.

Translate wiki pages.

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  • MTA Team

All you need to do is to go to the page you wish to create, then edit and save it. Once done, you need to add the translation links to the original page. They can be found at the end of the page's source .

Here is an example...

Say I would want to translate this page to Polish:


I would go to this page:


then edit it and add my translation of the original article, then save it. After that, I would go to the original page and change




and there, it's done. It's a good idea to update the links for pages in other languages for that article too.

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