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Prevent vehicle explosions

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Hi. I'd like to stop vehicles exploding and rather just leave them on fire(or low health) to disable them.

Unfortunately, no matter how much I try, I cannot stop them exploding.

Do I need to hook a clientside event for this and cancel it or what?

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here you go :

function cancelExplode() 
addEventHandler("onVehicleExplode", root, cancelExplode) 

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Tried that, can't seem to cancel the explode event.

Went clientside and canceled the onClientVehicleDamage if the health was below a certain point though.

Did this:

function handleVehicleDamage(attacker, weapon, loss, x, y, z, tyre) 
    if getElementHealth(source) < 250 or (getElementHealth(source)-loss) < 250 then 
        setElementHealth(source, 250) 
addEventHandler("onClientVehicleDamage", root, handleVehicleDamage) 

In case anyone else wants to know how.

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Its already solved :lol:

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You can also prevent the explosions of the vehicles, but this will not prevent them to be able blown.

You can cancel:

4: Car  
5: Car Quick 
6: Boat 
7: Heli  

local cancelTheseTypes = { 
function (x,y,z,theType) 
    if cancelTheseTypes[theType] then 

Note: sometimes heli/planes explode using the rocket explosion. (happens when they are already exploded and they get rammed/hit by anything.

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