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[WIP] The GUDX Library


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I'm glad you visited this topic!

http://community.multitheftauto.com/ind ... s&id=10281

So you are thinking what is it? Its a library. It means GUI+DX Library! We have planned somethings listed below

1. guiSetCursorType

-> This gonna set your cursor to a cool design! Remember its gonna be fun using it!

2. guiSetType

-> This will set your memo or editbox to a type. These are planned ones: numeric or alphabetic

3. dxCreateCenteredRectangle

-> This will create a centered rectangle for you!

4. guiSetElementPosition

-> Sets the gui elements position to a relative one. There will be types such as "left", "center", "right".etc

Red = > 25%

Green = 100%

Yellow = 25% <


THE AUTHORS ARE: Blaze and me.

The resource is WIP, Work in Progress!

Once done, we'll release it! We are waiting for your suggestions!

Exported functions:

gui-memo/gui-edit string guiSetType( gui-memo or gui-edit, mode ) 

Argument 1: This requires a gui memo or a gui edit box.

Argument 2: This requires a string.

Supported modes are:

'numeric' and 'alphabetic'

int int int int int int boolean dxCreateCenteredRectangle(width, height, r, g, b, a, postGUI) 

Argument 1: This is the normal width of the dx rectangle.

Argument 2: This is the normal height of the dx rectangle.

Argument 3: The Red color of rectangle.

Argument 4: The Green color of rectangle.

Argument 5: The blue color of rectangle

Argument 6: The alpha of the rectangle

Argument 7: Bring it infront of every gui. If yes then true otherwise false.

Every argument is requiered!

string guiSetCursorType(url) 

Argument 1: A url of image to set cursor's image. I suggest images without background!!!

or some in-built cursor names:



normal the normal mta one




gui-element string guiSetElementPosition(element, where) 

Argument 1: Any gui-element for settings its position.

Argument 2: Where should it go.

Supported where's are:

1. top

2. down

3. right

4. left

5. top-right

6. top-left

7. center

Releasing it on community soon

NOTE 1: dxCreateCenteredRectangle must be added on onClientRender or onClientPreRender!

NOTE 2: The functions starting with gui DO NOT SUPPORT DX!

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