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Here is our Basic package for £15/month or just £12.50 if you pay yearly and what you get;

Basic Package

Guaranteed RAM: 1GB

Burst: 1GB

Total RAM: 2GB (We do not oversell!)

1 IP Address

Bandwidth: Unlimited

HDD Data: 25GB

Player slots are not capped and you can set them yourself.

We also have smaller servers starting at just £5

When your server is purchased you receive your control panel to start/stop or reinstall your server, there is a guide on getting your MTA Server setup and ready to go, it will only take 15 minutes to have a fully operational server running!

DDoS Protection included by default!

Find out more about our DDoS Protection here:https://broadone.co.uk/ddos.php.


Any questions, for the fastest reply just create a support ticket or else post back here.

You will find the install guide for MTA-SA in our knowledge base, but if you can't install it we will be happy to help.

Thank you.


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