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Weapon Property (Dual Wield Silenced) Problem. Help please


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In the MTA wiki page it says:

"This example makes the silenced pistol dual wielded at pro skill level" and then this "example" is shown.

setWeaponProperty(23, "pro", "flags", 0x000800) -- Warning - Depends on the current flag setting

setWeaponProperty(23, "pro", "flags", 0x000002) -- Warning - Depends on the current flag setting

setWeaponProperty(23, "pro", "maximum_clip_ammo", 34)

I tried it with a command, make a function, It dind't worked. Can somebody give me a pre-made script, that makes the weapon "Silenced" (ID 23) "wieldable" at Pro skill level?

I'm actually new in these kind of thigs, please, help me!

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I fixed it. Just a mistake in meta.xml

Here it is.

function dualSilenced() 
setWeaponProperty(23, "pro", "flags", 0x000800) 
setWeaponProperty(23, "pro", "flags", 0x000002)  
setWeaponProperty(23, "pro", "maximum_clip_ammo", 34) 
addEventHandler ( "onClientResourceStart", getResourceRootElement(getThisResource()), replaceModel) 
addCommandHandler ( "dualsilenced", dualSilenced ) 

Feel free to use it, everybody.

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Took it from one my my old resources, because I tried A LOT of things. (Good scripts) and dind't worked. I ended up trying my old scripts, replacing what function does with "setWeaponProperty(23, "pro", "flags", 0x000800)

setWeaponProperty(23, "pro", "flags", 0x000002)

setWeaponProperty(23, "pro", "maximum_clip_ammo", 34)"...


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function dualSilenced( ) 
addCommandHandler("dualsilenced", dualSilenced) 

This should work

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