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I'm trying to get an export that checks if the player is staff but i get a error message all the time:

Failed to call "{MS}Duty:isStaff"

Script i'm trying to export from:

function isStaff(name) 
if ( not name ) then return false; end 
    for i,v in ipairs(staffs) do 
        if getAccountName(name) == v then 
            return true 
    return false 
addEvent ( getResourceName ( getThisResource ( ) )..":isStaff", true ) 
addEventHandler ( getResourceName ( getThisResource ( ) )..":isStaff", root, isStaff  

What i use for exporting:

local name = getPlayerName(localPlayer) 
    if exports["{MS}Duty"]:isStaff(name) == true then 

Btw the export is added to the meta like this:

    function="isStaff" type="server" /> 

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Some functions will only work on either the client or the server, in fact, the highlighter here uses 3 different color codes to show which functions does what.

  • Orange: Server side function
  • Red: Client side function
  • Blue: Shared, i.e. can be used on both sides.

Now, the solution would be to add a client file to your resource with the exported function in where you add triggerServerEvent to check this value with the server, and then pass the value back, in that way you can call this exported function from both server and client, here's an example of the opposite case, server to client conversation but the principles are the same: https://github.com/GTWCode/GTW-RPG/tree/master/GTWtopbar

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