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Heatseeking rockets are not always working



Me and some of my friends are having a strange problem - when we lock on enemy planes, heat seeking icon goes red, but if fire the rockets, normal rockets get fired instead. It works different with every player, and mostly failing with laggy players. As far as I understand, MTA doesn't check the color of the target on the local client to decide which rockets to fire, but letting remote players decide that? (If you're worried why heat seeking icon is different, it's just a shader applied on the texture.)

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Hey there,

there is another problem with the heat seeker. When other planes are flying circles sideways the heat seeking icon goes red, but the rocket won't hit the enemy because normal rockets are firing instead of the HS rockets.

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I have to agree, this has been around for ages and it was mantis'd numerous times and just merged in 1 bug report, that has received replies from devs, but i never seen anyone working on a fix for it nor feedback when questions were answerred, is it really that big to work on fixing, to not try fixing it?

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