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my brother..................

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my brother thinks gta3 is better than gtavc.now what is he talking about :?: i in gta3 u cant jump out of cars while there still running.u can in vice city.ingta3 u cant get a chainsaw.in vice city u can.ingta3 u cant own a strip club.u can in vc.now im not saying that mta is bad.i like it because its the only gta my will let me get.my dad took away gta3 and me and my brother played it at a freinds house.

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youu should explain to your father that by sheilding him from "dirty dirty" things, he is actually impeding your social development. also play the "you taught me better than to go chop peoples heads off/steal cars just cause it's in a game. only children with poor upbringing are so easily influenced" card (yes, it is a card to be played) seriously, if i couldn't play operation wolf or die hard on my nintendo, i would have "vented" in a more destructive way.

I'm not trying to start a debate on video games here. that would be pointless in this forum.

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