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Hud LekRoOts


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How many more HUDs are you planning to do? :P

It's not that much work to change the style of it :o


I use my free time to work, I like it :lol::lol::lol:

You should create something else ,because the mta community already have more than enough good huds. Only a suggestion.

he scripts the stuff he like and who care about how many scripts there are on comunity

and he is showing the hud

if you will help community then go start script new stuff what evryone needs.......

dont say what a other needs to do

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You forgot the download link.

present my work,does not mean that I'm going make available for download my friend :wink:

This section is only for release of resources,development or selling of resources. You should create this topic in media.

you can also show your work here media is for vid's and photo's

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