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Hello Everyone,

I have some terrible response issues on my server and I wonder how I can fix it. When I mean response issues I mean that when I execute a command it goes fast as hell but more and more often randomly slow as hell. This goes for everyone such as a chat message I send in game or pressing a bind. Every time this happens is 100% random. Yea could be connection issues however I have 41 in ping on the server, pretty much everyone on the server has around 40-60 in ping. I my self have 100/100mb/s in internet. My server has 1gbs per port so that shouldn't be a problem as well. Can't really figure out what it is as my server status are pretty much fine and there are no problem with it besides this one that I'm talking about right now. It happens like a week ago or so.

Any clue how to fix or find the problem here?

Status right now of my server when it just happened:

Bandwidth Usage 20.75 GB of 4.77 TB Used / 4.77 TB Free

Memory Usage 342.05 MB of 4 GB Used / 3.67 GB Free

VSwap Usage 0 KB of 0 KB Used / 0 KB Free

Disk Usage 4.78 GB of 100 GB Used / 95.22 GB Free

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OMG great tool, wasn't even aware of this tool. However I think I found the problem as I made a timer on the server side however it was adding new times each time a player connected which took alot of CPU of the server I think. I removed that time and now it works perfect. No clue why I didn't add it on clientside. Misstakes are good as you learn from them.

Thanks alot for the help!

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