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[WIP] House System


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Hello everyone!

You must be thinking that there are so many house systems and this will be similar to it? Your thinking is wrong. This is going to be very realistic for RP servers. I need some people who can help with finding animations and some small things.

Want to contribute this project? Send me a PM.

Current Feature list

[*] Renting a house to a player

[*] Buying a house

[*] Selling the house to bank

[*] House ads ( Ad system for advertising that u want to rent a house )

[*] Animations

Features done

[*] Creating a house

[*] GUI - Dealing Ship Window - Dealing for buying/renting or selling the house to someone!


IMG 1 - Dealing GUI:


Ok this is my first start to the project!

This project will be on github, once I finish the gui, I'll create repository on github!

Thank you!

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