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DayZ vehicles


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Hi guys.

I use 0.7.2 version of MTA DayZ mod.

In this version should works these vehicles:

Hunter, Bobcat, Patriot, Cop, Regina, Tractor, Dodo, Clover, Quad, Mesa, Camper, Sanchez, Barracks, Coach, FisherBoat, Bike, Maverick and Police Maverick

works only underlined.

Vehicles who don't works are added the same as working vehicles, but they don't want even spawn.

Question is: WHY? Maybe someone were the same problem and know how to fix it? ;/

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0.7.2 is not a version released officially by creators of DayZ (VaveGames). The last version release by someone that worked at VaveGames was 0.6 r256, anything else (decompiled or updated) on the internet is just ilegally decompiled software and shall not be used by anyone with moral values.

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