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MTA Anti-Virus warning?



So i was just doing my update install fix on my security essentials (Anti-virus) so its not working ATM.

But while starting up MTA (Waiting for the update to get done) i got the message "MTA could not detect an anti-virus on your PC. Viruses interfere with MTA and degrade your gameplay experience."

So, i could actually get a virus throught MTA? (I'm going to my local server, not speaking of unknown scripts or servers) or is it just a warning for my own conscent?


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This warning is purely there because we had people crying about MTA not working and blaming us, when in fact they downloaded something that was a virus which in turn infected MTA. If you have anti-virus, don't worry about it. Although ccw might be interested in why your AV wasn't detected, so please give some more specifics as listed:

1. Anti-virus name and manufacturer/developer

2. Your operating system

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Oh my AV wasnt detected becouse it wasnt running at all, i'm using Microsoft Security Essentials and my SO is Win7 Profsessional x64 SP1, so dont worry.

My question was just interested if MTA could infect my PC by itself, not by downloading a fake version of MTA.

To clarify, i got my MTA working perfectly since long time ago and today i was trying to run it without the AV working by reasons stated in first post and i got prompted this.

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In theory, yes, but it would be very difficult and would require someone with very good programming knowledge. MTA is a very low target though, it's very unlikely it'd ever be targeted. The user numbers just aren't worth it. You'd need to find both a vulnerability in MTA itself as well as Windows in order to do it.

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