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[HELP]lod distance


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i have another question now.

how can i incrase the LOD distance because so far as i know is the max 2000

its just desapear a part of map as you can see here


and if i walk like 20 meters i can see the other part from map as you can see here


so is there a way to incrase the lod distance or any other trick?

fixed already by myself... i have installed 3ds max for costum mapping

i have downloaded fantasy hill and tryed to put into my server

but its getting totaly messed up all parts from the hill are on places where they dont need to be :P

so i wanted to put them into 3ds max

i have putted them parts on the right places where they sould need to be

but here comes the thing where i need help

need i also to do the col stuf in 3ds max so yes how

and how can i export the .dff files from the fantasy hill?

i use kams max script

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