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Web Hosting For Your Server

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3$ B.T.C/PayPal Per *3 Months* Web Hosting ..  You can only host your clan web site ..if you host other site that is not related on your clan .. your account will be suspended and wait until 74 hours before i unsuspend it ^_^ ...


Link: http://www.secure.cronix-hosting.com/ca ... add&pid=29


W.H.M.C.S Verified Link : http://www.secure.cronix-hosting.com , secure.cronix-hosting.com


Advance Merry Christmas Every One ^_^


BTW ... You must put real details on "Additional Required Information"

also you must be a owner or a owner allow you to do this on that server ..

Else i will suspend your account and will give a refund ^_^ .

My name in game "{-S.T.I.-}-Dj-jom2x" watch out if i visit your server ^_^

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