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Massive Cash Reward (200 gbp) MTA Dev's read please.

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Okay, so I've seen a lot of talk about the iOS and Android versions of Grand Theft Auto. I am willing to pay 200 British Pounds to the son of a bitch who wants to do it. The project would be completely open source. The main developer would get paid handsomely, and any other contributing developer may get up to 50 or more pounds.

Why am I offering this much money? Because and I quote "progress is made when impossibility yields to necessity" (ARNOLD H. GLASOW). I want to push MTA forward into the future! I do have this money available, but I probably should not be touching it. That is why on top of that all people which would like to see this through should push money through to my PayPal account to be sent to the responsible developers.

I am looking for MTA's blessing and permission to lead this other side of MTA and they will have to agree to this:

Project Information:

Name: MTA: On The Go (debatable)

App Price: 0.99 (to help pay me back for the pounds)

Type: Open Source

I am really sorry that I don't have much information right now, it's mainly an idea. I want to hear everyone else thoughts and be notified if people want to legit finish it. 50% or more of the money will be delivered upon completion of Core Modules, like the networking module. I understand that there may be issues with the GTA:SA app itself. We will see. Just reply.

Edit: I realise that 200 gpb isn't enough. Lets talk about regular payments eyyy :)

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It won't happen.

Can you tell me something, why won't this happen? Because you, and maybe other MTA devs don't want to do it or because it's impossible? I think nothing is impossible. If you don't want to do it, say so. Maybe there are some small unknown devs out there that do want to try it?

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  • MTA Team

We do not have enough manpower for development. And that is even without taking some necessary extra traits in account, such as proper knowledge of mobile OS and software development aimed towards them, and knowledge of inner workings of mobile GTA versions.

We currently have neither of which, yet they would be a must for such a project.

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If you don't want to do it, say so. Maybe there are some small unknown devs out there that do want to try it?

That's exactly what they have been saying all the time, and it's clear why. There are barely any active developers on MTA, and the people who want it on mobiles don't have enough programming knowledge, if any at all, to know how much effort it would take to achieve that.

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