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More Realistics [[WIP]]

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Hey Guys,

I'm just working on an Script called " More Realistics " and it will do, that you'll get Hungry, and Thristy.

What does this Script also add?

A Burger Shot with Drive In (IDK if its called like this, because I'm German)

Also it'll add in Drugs!


Burger ► When used, will give you +35 Hunger

Coca-Cola ► When used, will give you +35 Thirst

Drugs ► When used, will give you +10 Health (Using too often will kill you!)

►► When is the Script coming to you ? ◀◀

Soon, i hope in like 1 - 3 Days.

Lets look how fast i am :D

▶▶ Screenshots ◀◀

I'll make some soon! :)

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any progress ?!?! :D

You can guess within the following variables:

Post by StunterLetsPlay on Wed Oct 01, 2014 6:34 pm

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