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[WIP] Housing System


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I will be starting work on an open source housing system, as this is open source I'll be updating this page with snippets, updates and features. The main reason for this topic is so I can get feedback on what you'd like to see and what could be improved. Please post below any ideas you may have, or if you think there is a better way I could be doing stuff. You'll be given full credit for any contributions you decide to make.

How will I create a house?

Simple, You just type /addhouse and the system will then generate a random interior and dimension. This makes it easier for mass house creation.

Folder Structure:

- RPhousing














Planned features;

- Basic Features

You'll be able to lock, sell and enter your home.

- Housing Storage

You will have the ability to store items in your house.


- You can now enter and leave houses

I will be updating this topic daily with a list of updates, feel free to contribute to this development.



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Hi, how to add cottage? command (sorry for bad english)

/addhouse = a nill valute :(

This isn't a finished resource, there would be no point in downloading this.

However, I managed to fix the command.

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