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Fuck Around Panel v1.2 Sale


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Fuck Around Panel v1.2

The Fuck Around panel or FAP is player control panel that was developed between early 2013 and 2014. It was made to provide a player interface with functions like god mode, flying cars and many others. It come’s stocked with an mp3 player built into the panel so clients can use the panel to play music and even live broadcasts.


The panel comes stocked with the following.

Full Kit – To instantly give the player weapons and armor.

Kill Player – To kill the player using the panel.

Respawn – To respawn a dead player.

Engine On/Off – To switch a vehicle engine on or off.

Blow Car – To blow up the vehicle the player is driving.

Damage Proof – To damage proof the drivers car.

Cloak – To cloak the player making them somewhat invisible to others.

Fix Car – To fix the drivers car.

Heal – Heals in player.

Get Info – Used to acquire information like your name, serial and ip.

Cloak Car – To cloak your car making you invisible.

Sticky Wheel’s – Makes the wheels of your vehicle sticky.

Flying Cars – Makes cars fly.

Hovercars – Allows you to hover on water.

Super Jump – Allows you to jump really high.

Play/Stop Music URL—For playing music and stopping music.

Close – For closing the panel.

I am willing to accept pretty much any offer for this panel within reason. I can perform renaming and even edits to better suit your needs for you server. Full access to the source code and a warranty will also be provided with this script.

You can contact me via.

The MTA Forum Message system

Or skype atton-mathews-ftw

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