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[WIP] My first HUD -- v 1.0.0


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One more upload from A-TEAM! ( Anubhav Scripters Team ).


Sidhkeer as designer. ( bit only :D )

Anubhav as the coder.


A small HUD made by me. This contains time, health, armor and money. The money is converted by the usefull function on wiki.


---- Converting: Wiki

---- Wiki: For helping me in making it

---- Remp: GUIEditor ( Helped me for calculating from guiGetScreenSize :D )

---- Anubhav: For making this resource

---- Sidhkeer: Helping a bit in design

---- xPhanTom: For images ( weapon images ). ( https://community.multitheftauto.com/in ... ls&id=7502 )

https://community.multitheftauto.com/in ... s&id=10176

You can get versions information there! :)

Please rate 4-5!

I will decompile this if I get +1000 downloads!

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