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Server optimising


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Hi guys.

I have a server with DayZ Mod and sometimes when items are respawning server is shutdown, because of high processor usage.

Is any way to optimise script with respawning function?

There are a lot of ways to optimize a script, for example you could load areas one by one, by that i mean lv is loaded at first, then ls and so on ..

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Your server won't shutdown just because it uses too much CPU, the only thing you may notice are lag, the real issue might be lack of RAM or a generally unstable hardware

MrBrutus, I used one of the best external Polish hostings.

When items are respawn CPU usage in web server monitor is like 170% ;o

manve1, Okay, but how I can do that in script?

I found this script there, it will works? How to implement it?

function infiniteLoopFunction() 
    local lastresume = getTickCount() 
    while true do 
        --do something 
        if getTickCount() > lastresume+200 then 
            lastresume = getTickCount() 
function resumeLoopThread() 
loopThread = coroutine.create(infiniteLoopFunction) 
setTimer(resumeLoopThread, 400, 0) 

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That code is kind of useless, unless you use it for collecting data.

But what you would have to do is either re-script the spawning system and do few tables instead of one, then spawn each area every second or so. or you have to collect data on which pickup it is spawning then you would allow it to refresh the loot or not + store the areas that are not been refreshed (this is a lot more complicated but is more elegant and faster)

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