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stupid error


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hello im trying to make a script but mta hates me and doesnt want to load it

paidVehicles = { 
function buyVehicle(thePlayer,commandName,theVehicle) 
   if getPlayerMoney(thePlayer) >= 50000 then 
      for i,pvehicles in ipairs(paidVehicles) do 
         if string.find(pvehicles[2],tostring(theVehicle)) then 
            outputChatBox("You bought: #FF0033"..tostring(pvehicles[1]),thePlayer,255,255,255,true) 
            local px,py,pz = getElementPosition(thePlayer) 
        else outputChatBox("#FFFFFF"..tostring(theVehicle).."#FF0000 did not find any match in the vehicle shop.",thePlayer,255,0,true) end 
   else outputChatBox("#FF0000You need #FFFFFF 50000$ #FF0000 in order to buy a vehicle!",thePlayer,255,0,true) end 

when i use /buyvehicle 411 then i get message "nil did not find any match in the vehicle shop."

also you might wonder why i got only 2 number arguments in outputChatBox,well the reason is

that mta is talking crap and not allowing me to script because its just evil little shit

before i have used

else outputChatBox("#FF0000You need #FFFFFF 50000$ #FF0000 in order to buy a vehicle!",thePlayer,255,0,0,true) end 

but stupid mta said that fifth argument (number 0) must be a fucking boolean which doesnt make any sense

does anyone know a solution to this ridicilous madness made by mta?

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