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why did u delete my therd!!!


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You have no rights here, this forum is a privellege not a right.

WE are the forums gods we decide what is ok and whats not, if we think somethign should be deleted it will be, if we think someone should be banned they will be.

We make the LAWS ( rules) here and you have to obey them,I have no idea about the thread you made , but since you are posting in this section i am guessing the gang thread was made in here too, so a forum mod deleted it ,as it was in the wrong section, the section for gang related post is the GANGS section, oh thats obvious :?

I dunno which mod it was so i cant answer your question, and did you look in the gang section befoire complaining to see if your thread is in there?

Anyways Making a new thread to ask why your old one was deleted/locked is just asking for trouble and will get your new thread closed AGAIN

Have a nice day and read the rules


:arrow: LOCKED.

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