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GTA:SA Trailer Released


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  • 2 weeks later...

Lol , yes I know what it is.

From what I can gather , [TEA] officially passed away between the 17-19th of may 2003.

As it never played a match question is if it was ever alive to begin with.

Anyway, sorry to see it go could have become a great team.

... so havnt been able to devote any time to gang stuff be it TEA or VCA...

.. and i think asking another TEA member if they can take over some of the arranging is a good idea. Will speak to peeps and see if anyone fancies it.


2004 obviously.

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yeah the euleague hasnt been active for a couple of months now, and no one seems that minterested in getting it going again, hence my motivation lies in other areas atm.

If this carries on much longer ill shut it down cos it costs me 5 quid a month

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