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Hi, my friend had a server named Cit CnR/MW/Some RP | cit1.net im not OWNER ! i told him to change the name he told me no, ok now the important is that

1. His Server deleted from "Internet"

2. No one can join it

3. People in the past can join it

4. we changed name nothing happened

well i just need the solution i know why its deleted and no need to tell cauz everybody knows why and now how he could get it back?

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Soul is Owner of CIT1 and he add all CIT Scripts in his local server , and he is not Allowed to make it , he need to change server name

Thats why I am saying.

Chris!i!, some MTA:SA adminstrator caught the server and added it into anti-tag protection list.

Now tell contact ccw by a PM to request him. ( That's what I did when I had a question about it, I got the reply so fast! )

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