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about Hosting server via home pc (Optical fiber modem)


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Hello mta players ,

my name is AnymoX and today i want to ask you One question , i have Optical fiber modem my internet speed is

Download = 50 Mb

Upload = 6 Mb

the question is did i can host a server with out lag

my pc details is :

6 ram

500 gb HDD

Core i5

operating system is windows (but i will change it to linux) if i can host my own server

the pc will be only for the host thats mean it will not be for my personal use

i have other laptop i will use it to play ...

so anyone can till me is perfect to start hosting or not ?

i will host 2 server only .

thank you

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That shouldn't be any problem at all as long you're not running a very resource ineffective game mode that transfers a large amount of data between server and client, does the server exist yet or is it new? that question says something about the player amount because new servers usually has a low amount of players. Your PC has pretty good performance up to ~500mbt/s network speed up and down, after that it will most likely be the hard drive who slows everything down. Don't worry about performance ;)

I also strongly recommend Linux for this machine and Debian is one of the best distributions for servers in my opinion, to prove how far you can go without having lag I set up a default freeroam server long ago with some extra features at a 15 years old laptop running Linux, specifications for that are the following: 512MB ram, 1.2GHz pentium CPU, 60GB hard drive, and a network speed of 10mbt/s fiber. It's still active and you can try it out here.

The only thing you should be careful with while hosting on your home network are DDoS attacks from competing servers with immature owners, since that will take you down from the internet as well, my favorites solution to that problem is not only to have a fast network but also multiple networks. Good luck.

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